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Academic-company ecosystem

OpenSEM realizes an open innovation platform  connecting “fundamental triple synergy research in semantic media” and the concrete “semantic media product/service development”. The platform will help companies to build up their university network with excellent reputation in social media retrieval.

OpenSEM accelerates innovation in the field of semantic access and retrieval of social media and multimedia services. There is ample opportunity for innovation in the field of multi-media services, such as content enrichment, personalized retrieval, and recommendation. Companies get access to tangible and recent research results in the form well-accessible demonstration and software tools for social media retrieval. OpenSEM targets entrepreneurs and developers in small and large companies by emphasizing modalities of use of triple synergy in social media retrieval, rather than academic progress.

Companies can also put forward multimedia retrieval benchmarking tasks or challenges. These tasks will source the MediaEval benchmark. Finally, the ideas market offers individual researchers and developers easy access to the social media retrieval community for launching small projects in the ideas market.

Validation, Dissemination and Valorization

Field trials, living labs and benchmarks help to validate results.  The open innovation platform stimulates dissemination of results along different lines and towards groups different from those reached with scientific publications. Dissemination of research results can take the form of on-line or pre-recorded demonstrations, open access media and data collections, or soft-ware tools for social media retrieval. OpenSEM also dis-seminates research results via summer schools.

OpenSEM helps universities to build a relevant network with leading companies in social media retrieval. The contacts with ICT Labs industry partners help to valorize the research results