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CUBRICK: Cube metaphor of Search

Multimedia search engines today are “black-box” systems. This closed architecture makes it difficult for technology providers, application integrators, and end-users to try out novel approaches for multimedia content and query processing, because there is no place where one can deploy content, components, and processes, integrate them with complementary technologies, and assess the results in a real and scalable environment.

CUBRIK opens the black box of search, creating an extensible framework for tomorrow's search developers.
The Cube of Innovation is the metaphor used to depict the three axes of innovation:
“Business Ecosystem”, CUBRIK intends to provide an open stage for innovators for deployment of new algorithms, components and solutions for multimedia search, by reusing a rich set of open source components, content collections and datasets, so as to constitute communities of practice, where collaboration fosters the emergence of new business models for deploying multimedia search solutions in vertical markets.
“Technology” a platform for definition and execution of multimedia processing pipelines and “mix and match” of technologies and rich set of open components is the necessary enabling infrastructure.
“Human in the loop” is the CUBRIK vision to incorporate rather than emulate human capacities and social interaction in all the processes and at all levels in an open multimedia search platform.

Contact: Vincenzo Croce