Network of Excellence Peer-to-Peer Tagged Media


  • Demonstrators

    In this section you will find some videos, simulations and links to interactive software that demonstrate the power of the triple synergy apporach to multimedia analysis.

  • Off-the-beaten-track - Long tail touristic recommendation

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    Off-the-beaten-track is a recommender for long tail travel destinations developed in the PetaMedia Network of Excellence. The application demonstrates how multimedia content analysis, social network stuctures, collaborative tagging and geo-tagging contribute to optimal recommendation and user experience.

  • Component-based Face Detector

    Facial occlusions, due for example to sunglasses, hats, scarf, beards etc., can significantly affect the performance of any face recognition system. Unfortunately, the presence of facial occlusions is quite common in real-world applications especially when the individuals are not cooperative with the system such as in video surveillance scenarios. While there has been an enormous amount of research on face recognition under pose/illumination changes and image degradations, problems caused by occlusions are mostly overlooked.

  • 3D Clustering of Social Media

    This software aims to find and rank similar video sequences. The similarity is measured by using MPEG-7 visual descriptors (colour, edge and motion), hierarchical cluster methods and probabilistic latent semantic analysis. 

  • Semantic portable user profiles and recommendations

    The aim of this service is to support the creation and utilisation of semantic portable user profiles that can be used in multiple services with the user in control. Users can be offered relevant content in different services with the help of the profile. Additionally service providers and advertisers can get insights into their audience for developing their services further. The profile service uses Linked Data in creating semantic user profiles for attaching metadata to users' interests, and enriching content metadata. Semantic portable profiles have been tested in different cases such as recommending events, magazine articles and services. The demo can be found at and video at

  • EventMedia

    Events are a natural way for referring to any observable occurrence grouping persons, places, times and activities. Events are also observable experiences that are often documented by people through different media. We explore this intrinsic connection between user generated media and experiences so that people can search and browse through content using a familiar event perspective.

  • Semantic IPTV – Smart Media Assistant

    In the world of digital media, the user is bombarded with content, e.g. user generated videos, live TV broadcasts, podcasts, e-books, trailers, sports events, TV series, news, and many more. It is as if the user is in a digital jungle without a map and a compass. In this analogy, semantics can be the map, and smart tools utilizing semantics for profiling and recommendations can be the GPS.