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P2P Video Networking with Social Media Applications (S3MR 2011)

Video services, user-generated video, and P2P data exchange are major current trends in the Internet. Hence, understanding basics of P2P video transport over the Internet that can ensure some level of quality of experience (QoE) to end-users is essential. To this effect, this talk will cover fundamentals of streaming models and protocols; P2P networking concepts and protocols; very basic video coding; an introduction to P2P video including chunk formation, peer selection and chunk selection; fairness in P2P networking; rate adaptation strategies; definition of quality of experience including rate, distortion, freeze/skip duration, and pre-roll delay. Examples of P2P video streaming applications and solutions, including social media applications, from recent European projects such as P2PNext, SARACEN and DIOMEDES will be provided.

Contact: A. Murat Tekalp