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Semantic IPTV – Smart Media Assistant

In the world of digital media, the user is bombarded with content, e.g. user generated videos, live TV broadcasts, podcasts, e-books, trailers, sports events, TV series, news, and many more. It is as if the user is in a digital jungle without a map and a compass. In this analogy, semantics can be the map, and smart tools utilizing semantics for profiling and recommendations can be the GPS.

The vision of Semantic IPTV [1][2] is to adapt this approach in order to provide a personalized experience and guidance to media consumers, in the form of a quadruple play application (SMA – Smart Media Assistant) that brings cross-domain media data together, supports different fixed and mobile environments, and integrates social interactions with the users’ media experience.

Main features of the SMA application are

  • Live TV, Video, Streaming, Recording, and Upload
  • Content Recommendations for
  1. Live TV program, Videos, smart EPG view
  2. Automatically generated personalized channels (“MyTV”)
  3. Automated recordings
  4. Advertisement : matches content and user profiles
  • Interactivity
  1. Server sided triggered instant advertisement / recommendation pushes with user feedback & opinion pools
  2. Tagging, Voting, Rating from the user side.
  3. Additional channels for social interaction (chat, channel talk, A&V telephony, ...)


  • Mobility
  1. integrating mobile devices
  2. UI and session migration and adaptation

Contact: Ernesto de Luca, [First name]